Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On the Road Again

No more sitting around vacationing; we're back on the road heading north at our "break-neck speed" of 200 miles per day or less.  Tonight we're just south of Little Rock, Arkansas, listening to the rain fall gently -- and almost continuously -- on the roof.  We are so very grateful that we were east of the killer tornadoes that caused so much destruction and death near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

We spent last night at Piney Point Corps of Engineer's Park near Queen City, Texas.

As you can see, our site was high above the shore of the lake and the setting was beautiful.  The park is located in a lovely grove of tall, straight pine trees.  We managed to get in a nice long evening walk to explore the park and see more of Wright-Patman Lake.
I'll call this place Stop #11 on our summer 2013 tour and it didn't take long for us to add it to our "Let's come back here again soon" list.  It more than made up for our overnight lodging of the night before near Palestine, Texas.  If I were to number that stop, I'd have to give it a minus 10!
Hasta luego -- until next time.