Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Winter Woes

The Oldtimers like to tell stories
Of their winters of long ago,
When blizzards howled for days on end
And houses were covered with snow!
The water pump froze, so melted snow
Filled in for liquid need.
They tunneled through drifts to reach the barn
To see that their livestock had feed.
But the blazing fireplace kept them warm.
Garden produce, canned and drying,
Gave them food that was plenty and good
Through snowbound days so trying.
Now, Oldtimers. I’ll tell a winter’s tale,
So sad – and oh so new –
Of the winter of 2013 and 14,
The one we’re now living through!
Winter arrived about Hallowe’en
With a blizzard a week piling snow.
Some polar vortex (s) – (a brand new word) –
Dropped temps to a new Arctic low!
From West to East, frigid blasts roared.
Roads were ice rinks from coast to coast!
Traffic pile-ups were a daily risk.
The Great Lakes froze over – almost!
Even the South took a winter punch
As snow fell in Georgia and Texas.
The kids liked the snow days off from school.
The adults felt cursed by cold hexes!
Electric lines broke under weight of ice.
Water pipes froze and burst.
Grocery shelves soon became bare of food.
Old Man Winter had thrown out his worst!
No heat. No light. No food or drink.
No TV, movies or video.
Not safe to go out to make snowmen or forts
When it’s 35 below zero!
All we could do was shovel snow.
The next day, shovel more – and get mad!
St. Pat’s Day came and the snow lingered on.
This year’s "luck of the Irish" was bad!
We wondered, "Has Spring forgotten to come?
Or been kidnaped by Winter’s punks?
Will Winter now reign over half the year
Instead of just three months?"
Yes, Oldtimers, your winters were hard
‘Till Spring turned season’s page.
But we don’t know if this Winter will end
Or just bring in a new Ice Age!