Thursday, September 25, 2014

Apostles of ego, Disciples of deception

"Allah told me to do it!"
"God is on our side!"
"For Allah and his people!"
"For God and country"
"Convert or die!"

Those who make war
in the name of their Deity
– not their Holy One –
but themselves!
These "faithful followers"
are led by human desires,
not the will of an Ultimate Truth
whose nature is
creativity and goodness!

Any God, Allah, or YHWH
small enough to be confined
to human understanding
is too limited to deserve
our respect or our worship!

Those who burn, destroy, terrorize, bomb or kill fellow humans
in the name of their Transcendent Deity
deceive themselves.
Their devotion is not to any Deity
but to power, dominance, control, and conformity
to their own standards.

These disciples of deception
– attempting to expand their faith –
succeed only in spreading hatred,
bruising the image of their YHWH, God, or Allah,
killing Truth,
and disfiguring the beauty
of the Truth-Giver.