Friday, July 10, 2020

Curbside Concert

       The hours of self-imposed isolation during a pandemic move very slowly. They crawl even more slowly through the aches of age such as impaired eyesight, breathing problems, and the resistance of uncooperative joints.
So we were delighted when we heard of a new program being offered by the local Arts Council.  A  friend nominated me to be a recipient and I was chosen  to receive a “Curbside Concert.”
At 3:00 pm on a recent  Sunday afternoon, a pick-up truck pulled into the parking area in our little condo village and the  passenger stepped out.  In the bed of the truck he set up a large speaker  connected by Bluetooth to an iPad which held accompaniment tracks for his music.  Then from the back seat, he took out a tenor saxophone.   For the next half hour we, and a few of our neighbors, were entertained by some  beautiful music on that instrument that had come to visit us. That genial musician had chosen music wisely for his aging audience.  Our ears rejoiced at the sound of “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” “Danny Boy,” and other soothing ballads from an age when music sounded like music rather than disorganized noise.
       About 3:30 p.m. the musician packed up, waved “goodbye” to his audience and took off for his next gig.  What a delightful way to spend some of those pesky pandemic hours!

10  July 2020 - mshr