Friday, March 27, 2020


A worldwide invasion of humans
by a vicious and deadly virus.
       In 2020, 
       it was one of the coronaviruses,  

Oh God, we are scared.
                               We are angry,
We feel trapped and helpless!

Worldwide over a million have felt its sting; 
              thousands have died. 

It’s vicious enough to drive mass murderers 
              back to their hideouts

God, Creator of  everything 
              Did You send this plaguer?
              Did this invisible threat come
             From Your hand?
    I can’t believe that because
I’ve known Your Son
Jesus, God in the flesh.
                He suffered, but never caused others to suffer.
                He wept, but never caused others to weep.
        He died, but never caused others to die,
  And rose to give others life and peace.
                                 No, God.  
It’s not Your hand that has sent us this vicious virus.
It’s a mystery that we must learn to live with
          -- focusing on the good!

27 March 2020 - mshr