Saturday, April 18, 2020

COVID-19 Questions

“For God so loved the world that He…”

Whoa  there, God have you had a change of heart?  It certainly was not love that caused You to  let  loose a worldwide stampede of COVID-19!  That  unknown and invisible virus has infected millions of people around the world and  killed thousands upon thousands.  It feels more like punishment than love.  What are You doing to our world? And to us?

An unfamiliar whisper responded:  “I gave you a beautiful earth to live on filled with plants and animals, fish and birds.  But you are ruining it. Air and water are being polluted and animals are being driven off to extinction.   Mining and drilling for oil destroy much of nature’s natural beauty.”            

“But me, how have I messed up the earth?” I asked.    

“By your materialistic lifestyle of littering, hoarding, buying beyond your needs.  You have ignored my counsel, Your worship of gold has replaced the worship of God.  In many places, hatred has replaced justice for people who are different.

“You do many things that injure the earth, damage your neighbor, and hurt yourself.  That grieves me as deeply as the COVID-19 grieves you! When you can answer my questions, perhaps I can answer yours.”  

18 April 2020 - mshr