Monday, October 7, 2013

The Decline and Fall of Democracy

"U. S. government shut-down!"
All the news media tout.
So what is this latest
Congressional quagmire about?
The President's not explaining;
Dems won't talk to the G. O. P.
Workers laid off receive back pay
From the taxes of you and me!
National parks and monuments closed.
Doors shut at the C D C.
N I H suspends its research
That could benefit you and me!
The nation's blood is boiling.
It's mood from "mad red" to "sad blue,"
While the rich get richer, the poor go hungry,
And the rest of us get the "flew."
So, "government of the people, for the people,"
And by them has now been axe'd,
Replaced by government in spite of the people,
Beneath them and behind their backs!

To Share or Not to Share

Marriage means sharing; that’s the way it must be
When two are joined as one.
You must share your love, your hopes and dreams
Or trouble has begun.
You must share your troubles and your smiles,
Your schedules, your space, your time.
Perhaps you’ll even share in-laws and kids,
As up life’s hills you climb.

You’ll share your money and property.
You may even share your name.
Ah, once those vows at the altar are said,
Life never again is the same.
BUT ...
Even in marriage there are limits to sharing.
If you don’t respect them, you’ll lose all your caring.
Sharing a flu bug goes beyond and above
All the requirements of marriage and love!