Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Creeping Crud


The "creeping crud" has stuck us,
Unwelcome, but come to stay!
It’s the kind of guest we didn’t invite
And just wish would go away!
Here’s a fever, and there’s a sneeze;
A sore throat, wheeze, or cough;
Muscle aches; or a runny nose,
And weakness you can’t shake off!
Voices are lost; headaches abound.
Those affected drop out of sight
For a few days to protect the well,
And stop spreading this viral blight!
How did that crud get in, I wonder;
Over the fence or through the gate?
It must have brought all its relatives, too,
To be spreading at this fast rate!
We try to be hospitable
To all who come to stay.
But, creeping crud, you’ve stayed too long.
Won’t you please just go away?