Saturday, July 16, 2011


Grudge-toting is hard work! Spendiung weeks, months, or even years carrying around a load of repressed hatred or simmering anger is exhausting and useless labor. Like gun-toting, grudge-toting is dangerous. A firearm can wound either the bearer or another person. A grudge, however, wounds only the bearer. Guns have safety locks; grudges do not. Some states require safety instruction and a license to bear a firearm. Grudges have no such safety requirements and seem to be carried most often by those most lacking in good, safe judgment.

Concealed grudges can be carried secretly for years without public knowledge. The grudge-toter trudges through life mistakenly believing his hidden malice is injuring the one who gave it rise. Instead, it nurtures self-righteousness and consumes the natural compassion of the bearer’s heart.

Unlike a gun, there’s no danger in disarming a grudge. No explosion, no smoke, no power struggle or hand to hand combat. All it takes to disarm a grudge is a strong will and a simple decision to free oneself from those self-constructed blinders. No hero’s medal or parade is the reward; only a new lease on life.

How do I know so much about grudge-toting? I’ve carried several around for years. Recently I decided to lay them down. Oh, what a relief! I feel twenty pounds lighter, although the scales won’t confirm that! Toting grudges is hard and heavy work!

6 July 2011 - mshr