Wednesday, August 3, 2011


My muscles ache. My joints are stiff.
My pace is getting slow.
                                                 My hands are weak; my knuckles gnarled.
                                                            They’re aging, that I know.

When I awake, I no longer can just
                                                                   Jump up, rarin’ to go.
                                                     First, I must check if my parts still work,
                                                             And then sit up, quite slow.

My belly is fat; my backside well padded.
                                                            My hour-glass figure is gone
                                                  For all of my sand just runs to the bottom
                                                            As time goes marching on.

My toes are crooked. My liver’s not well.
                                                        My blood sugar’s quite unstable.
                                                      I’m beginning to see vericose veins.
                                                       But, I think my mind’s still able

To cope with life; to laugh a lot,
                                                            And even make some jokes;
                                                         To thank God every day for life,
                                                             For friends and other folks.

So, ‘t would be nice if I could get
                                                         – but I’m certain that I can’t! –
                                                        A young and healthy donor for
                                                             A total body transplant!

3 Aug 2011 - mshr