Sunday, February 19, 2012


I don’t want to sound ungrateful,
Lord, I’m thankful for the rain.
I’m glad to see the flowers bloom
And grass get green again.

The drought is finally broken
As raindrops fall so steady.
But really, don’t You think that it
Has rained enough already?

The drought caused folks to pray for rain.
(Perhaps I’m being petty!)
You answered "Yes" and showers came
For weeks! Enough already!

Our world has turned from dust to mud,
and all we touch is gritty.
Our clothes are damp and clammy.
That’s rain enough already.

Your rain falls on both good and bad
The Good Book tells us so.
But what about Your sunshine?
Oh, how we’d like to know

What we can do to bring it back.
Those rays would make us giddy!
Please send the sun to cheer us up.
We’re soaked enough already!