Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Evolution of Summer

When I was a kid I loved summer,
Played all day in its blazing sun.
I was never ready for school to start
Because summer was so much fun.

Air conditioning wasn't invented yet.
We just sweated and sweltered and fanned.
As a teen, I often lay out "catchin' rays"
So I could look healthy and tanned.

Summer got hot in the city
Where I studied at twenty-years-plus.
The streets were hot, as were tempers,
And so was the city bus.

Then travel took me to tropical climes
With no winter or spring or fall.
In heat cooled by sea breeze and palm
I didn't miss winter at all.

Later I learned inside air could be cooled.
"Less humid; too," said dear spouse.
So summer again was a lovely time
If I didn't go outside the house!

Then came the summer of 2012
When thermometers boiled over.
Even the A/C lost its cool
When we went inside to take cover.

So summer has changed from frolic and fun
'Till it threatens our human lives.
If global warming gets hotter still,
Will we all just vaporize?