Sunday, August 5, 2012


Here it is, Sunday evening and we're packing up the rig to hit the road tomorrow morning.   We've had a delightful week with our son Joel at his place, just outside of Athens, Ohio.
A few years ago, he and Bruce built a delightful RV site in the meadow nearer the road than his house.  There are no utilities, of course, but the price is right and it makes a lovely place for us to park our rig while we visit.
Again this year, as usual, we weeded, burned brush piles, painted a little, mowed yards and meadows, and tried to help him keep his 10 acres tidy.

However, this year we also took time for some fun.  Joel's work partner was on vacation for the week so Joel gave himself permission to take a week of vacation also.  So we tried out the wonderful bike trail that runs around the city of Athens and up to Nelsonville.

The trail is beautiful, hard-surfaced and level since it runs along an old railroad bed.  Part of the route goes thru the Wayne National Forest with thick forests and unique rock formations on both sides.  Joel had not been on a bike for some time but he did quite well keeping up with us as we rode 11 miles.

That evening we tried out another adventure with his encouragement.
Photo by Tim McMillan

He and his friend Tim took us kayaking on Lake Dow in Stroud's Run State Park not far from his home.  We were apprenhensive about whether our old joints would be up to the challenge of squeezing into those little, low-slung boats, but, with help, we were able to get in.  What fun we had paddling around the lake for about an hour!  It took a little more help to get us out of the kayaks after our excursion but it was worth every ache and pain that made it hard for us to get out of bed the next morning!