Sunday, April 28, 2013

Choke Canyon State Park

The first stop on the Rosenberger summer tour for 2013 was Choke Canyon State Park near Three Rivers, Texas.  Three Rivers is the location of an enormous oil refinery and the countryside around it is full of oil drilling activity.  The oil transport trucks seem to have no speed limit and they present a real highway challenge on the two lane road leading into the park.

We hadn't seen rain for months in the Rio Grande Valley, but on this, our first travel day in over half a year, it rained the entire day as we trekked north. 

We usually travel alone, but on this trip we had the pleasure of company. Willis and Rebecca Coombs and Ken and Lee Marks were our traveling companions.  We all own the same make of fifth-wheels, New Horizons.  So we traveled in caravan heading for a New Horizons' RV rally.  We were fortunate enough to get sites near to each other at the campground at Choke Canyon campground.  In the picture above, you can see the Rosenberger ride in the distance, the Coombs' coach on the left, and the Marks' moto-mansion on the right.

The park, like all Texas state parks, is lovely.  The drought has taken its toll on the level of the lake, but fishermen continue to come to try their luck.

All of our traveling companions enjoy exercise walking, as we do.  So, several times a day some of us would go strolling down the road to enjoy the sights and sounds of our surroundings. 
 The "gobble, gobble" of the wild turkeys filled the evening air.
 The deer dashed gracefully across the road in the morning hours.
An armadillo wandered here and there at any hour of the day as if he had lost his way.

Birds were everywhere, filling the air with their sweet songs and their lively colors.  This blue heron seemed discouraged, too, at finding the waters of the lake so low.

Doves of various kinds, flycatchers, kiskadees, buzzards and birds we couldn't identify, delighted us on every walk. 

That delight was nearly canceled out by the swarms of biting insects, most of them too small to be visible to the human eye! They seemed to feed on our insect repellant!  Especially in the evening hours, those sneaky little unseen attackers quickly made us feel like human pin cushions.  Comparing sizes and numbers of welts became a frequent pasttime!

We survived the biting bugs, however, and had a lovely and restful two days before we headed farther north toward the RV rally.

Stay tuned for the next stop along our way!