Thursday, May 16, 2013


The Art of Eating an Artichoke

DEDICATED: to Rebecca Coombs who took us artichoking for the first time on May 14, 2013.

Eating an artichoke’s tricky;
A fine art, and a bit of a mess.
You can learn it if you want to.
Will you like it? That’s anyone’s guess.

This well-cultured cactus is ugly;
Its thick outer hides what is within.
You can’t tell a book by its cover,
And you can’t tell a ‘choke by its skin.

It’s hard and rough, and very green,
And oft times it is spiny.
If you forget to clip the thorns
Your guests might get quite whiny!

Boil it whole in water ‘till tender;
If large, it could take some time.
Then rescue the fruit and serve it
While it’s still in its juicy prime.

Be careful and don’t burn your fingers
‘Cause now there’s fun underneath.
Pull off one leaf, turn it upside down,
And scrape off the soft with your teeth!

Repeat this process, leaf by leaf,
There’s a tiny taste on each one.
It may take awhile; it’s not fast food,
And you’ve really just begun.

The heart of the artichoke’s the best
After leaves are all tasted and thrown.
It’s all tender, as a heart should be,
And almost as sweet as your own!

Dipping sauces enhance the taste
And help slide the fruit down your throat.
That’s the art of enjoying – not choking –
When you’re eating an artichoke.