Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ground moles at work

A PostScript on our recent visit with our son Joel in Athens County, Ohio.
The last two days we were with him, Bruce undertook two major projects, long overdue.
He rented a trencher and, like a human ground mole,
 dug a ditch three feet deep and 190 feet long.
Joel laid four-inch corrugated drain pipe the length of the trench and back-filled it.
Finally, after five years, there will no longer be a soggy mud hole
at the edge of his side yard.
The fluid drainage from the septic tank will now drain into the creek below.
This project went so well that the next day they did it again -- almost.
This time they dug a trench only 8 inches deep
from the house to the workshop about 150 feet across the driveway.
A violent storm last summer had brought down the only electric line to the shop.
It seemed wise to bury the replacement line,
and I'm happy to report that the shop again has electric power.
Those two days of hard work resulted in
two very needed home improvements, 
lots of aching muscles,
many muddy clothes,
and a very happy son!
Well worth the effort!