Thursday, July 18, 2013

Macro-headaches from a micro-wave

The microwave made some unique and ominous noises last Friday evening but it still ran.  Saturday morning it moaned instead of humming but the turntable still went around.  It would not, however, heat anything, not even a cup of water.  Its heart (heating unit) had stopped.  It had died.

 We were in Maine about 20 miles from the nearest city and farther still from an RV supply store.  However, on-line, Bruce located a Camping World in Chichester, New Hampshire who had a replacement in stock that was the same size as our recently deceased model.  The only problem was that their service technicians could not schedule the installation for three weeks!  We ordered it anyway.

It was 97 degrees with very high humidity the day we arrived at Camping World.  The microwave we had ordered was ready and Bruce decided that installing it couldn't be very difficult.  So he planned to do it himself. 

There was overnight space for RV parking in the lot beside the store, but there were no hook-ups.  That meant that the job of getting that new microwave into the space where it belonged would have to be done without air conditioning.  That kind of "heat stress" is not good for old folks like us.

Nevertheless, we proceeded with the job.  The old, dead unit came out quite easily.
The new unit was the same size as the old one.  Unfortunately, however, the trim panel on the new one was too big for the existing opening!  We looked at each other and said, "We wish Joel (our son) were here. He could do it!"
I suggested that we take it back and get our money back -- but that's not Bruce's style.  While I napped, he went off to the local hardware store to buy the tools he would need.  I awoke to the sound of a sabre saw enlarging the opening!
It took lots of head-scratching, a little expense, and gallons of sweat, but somehow he did it!  We tried it out for breakfast this morning -- and it worked!  Another pitfall on the RV road of life successfully bridged!