Friday, August 16, 2013

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: the Three River City

Stop #25 on our 2013 Summer tour was so long ago that I had to check back in our travel log to see what it was and where it was!  July 25 through 28 we were in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania visiting with Bruce's sister and her daughter (who live in Peoria, Illinois), at the home of his brother and sister-in-law in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Every visitor to that city needs to take a trip up Mt. Washington to enjoy its beautiful views over the city and its three rivers.

The three rivers of Pittsburgh are the Monongehela and the Allegheny
which join to form the Ohio,
here at Three Rivers Point.
Fountains and a small park make it a lovely setting for the confluence of these great rivers.
We, of course, got a special and personalized tour guided by Bruce's brother who has lived in the city for about 40 years.  He seemed to focus the tour upon institutions of higher education of the Pittsburgh  area.  No doubt  that was for the sake of our niece who will be starting high school this fall.
Heinz chapel, donated and named for the family of catsup fame, is a beautiful part of the campus of the University of Pittsburgh.
This high-rise, multi-storied building is known as the Cathedral of Learning and is the main academic and administrative building of the University of Pittsburgh.
Stepping inside that building, we felt as if we had entered a medieval castle!  Extremely high ceilings, structures all of stone, dim lighting and long hallways caused our niece to remark, "This reminds me of Harry Potter and Hogwarts!"
We were especially interested in the many "nationality rooms" of which we visited a few:
The Austrian room,
The Swiss room,
The Indian room,
The African room (with other tourists enjoying them as much as we were!)
The Israeli room (and two of our tired tour companions!)
and The Ukranian room (as our tour guide stands in the doorway talking with another visitor).
Driving tours through the campus of Carnegie-Mellon University and several others finished off our tour of the higher education opportunities in the Pittsburgh area.  A delightful afternoon exploring a beautiful and bustling city!
But another treat awaited us at Stop #26.  Stay tuned!