Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bad Skin Summer

I’ve oft heard the phrase "bad hair day"
But never really understood
‘Cause my hair looks the same each day;
It’s never very good!
But this summer I’ve discovered how bad
Some days – and weeks – can be.
For, in pulling weeds – which I enjoy –
I pulled some poison ivy!
A few days later, I started to itch
On my left arm; then the right.
I began to scratch, and I saw the red spots
Of blisters. Oh, what a sight!
By the time I got some "anti-itch" cream
My left leg had expanded the curse.
‘Twas not long until the right leg
Made my misery even worse!
Four times a day, I anointed my limbs
With an "itch-relief, ivy-dry" brew.
I tried so very hard not to scratch;
‘Twould make ugly scars, I knew.
It took ten days for my skin to clear.
Oh, what wondrous relief to get!
So I pulled another weed or two
Watching out for that three-leaved threat.
But I never gave a passing thought
To the biting and stinging bugs
The ones who called those weeds their home.
They gave me many malicious hugs!
Now my arms and legs are covered
With itchy red spots again!
No doubt I’ll long remember
These summer days of bad skin!

P.S. Because of my "infirmity," I have had to take "sick time" away from my seasonal weeding job. The benefits aren’t very good, and boredom is beginning to set in!

25 July 2014 - mshr