Tuesday, June 23, 2015

North Little Rock, Arkansas

The Downtown Riverside RV Park is located in North Little Rock just across the Arkansas River from the William J. Clinton Presidential Center.

From our trailer we had a clear view of the river, the walking bridge, and the William J. Clinton Library.

Funded by many donors, the old railroad bridge has been fitted with a delightful walking/biking trail across the river.   The Presidential Library is seen beyond the last span.

In the foreground is the William J, Clinton Library.   To the left and further away is the world headquarters of Heifer International -- one of our favorite charities.

We have memories of touring the library several years ago.   Unfortunately, our time this year did not allow us an opportunity for a return visit.

A current exhibit of dinosaurs is advertised by moving dinosaurs at the entrance to the Presidential Library.

Our trailer is on the river bank, as viewed from the Clinton Presidential Bridge.

During breakfast we looked out the rear window and watched this group of barges go by.