Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Bridge that Disappeared

We've blogged before about the hard work and great adventures we've had with our younger son on his almost ten acre "farm."  There's a new adventure to report:

Once upon a recent time, amidst June's summer hues,

A working man was tired, so lay down to take a snooze.
Awakening, he was thirsty, so went to get a drink.
He turned the faucet on.  guess what?  No water at the sink!
He went outside to check it out.  'Twas worse than he had feared.

The water line crossed the creek on a bridge that had disappeared!

The creek was flooded and raging from a storm he had slept through.
The bridge was gone, and his driveway cut in half.  Now what to do?

Cut off from the surrounding world by a chasm six feet deep.
No way to get out, or go to work.  It almost made him weep!
But his friends came to help him make a shaky bridge from a ladder,

They brought him drinking water and smiles so he wouldn't get any sadder!
One friend even loaned him a truck so he could get back to work,
With repair bills growing like kudzu, he couldn't afford to shirk!

Then a pipe arrived at his house; humungously long and wide!

It would soon become a new bridge, so again he could go outside.

So where was the washed-out bridge?  Did it damage downstream? he feared.

But far down his creek bed, battered, was the pipe culvert that disappeared!