Monday, March 6, 2017


Surely the Almighty is like the ocean
a vast sea of loving goodness
waves constantly breaking around me
and over me
kissing me with pure white foam
and trickles of water
between my bare toes.
While invisible beneath the roiling surface
pulses deep, fertile, and mysterious 

Shore birds feed sumptuously
on the gleanings of the surf.
Tiny crabs, like silent monks,
dash quickly into their sandy homes,
close to the water
but safe from the waves.

A peace I cannot understand envelopes me
as I walk the beach.
The nearness of God 
has washed the stress from my soul
as the waters rinse the sand from my feet.

No wonder, Incarnate Word,
that You spent so much time on the seashore,
inviting us
– and all of creation –
to come and experience 
the reality,
the power,
and the joy
of the One from whom You came.

6 March 2017 - mshr