Monday, February 18, 2019

Chasing the Wind

How much of my life I have spent chasing the wind,
and I haven’t caught it yet!
As a little girl, I loved feeling its gusts
rumple through my tidy pigtails.
 A teen on a bike, I delighted when its hidden strength 
pushed me down the road.
In adult years, I sometimes chased the wind
down paths designed for others,
Or let it pull me toward goals 
too high for me to reach.
I also pursued that breeze toward unknown adventures
down roads that others avoided,
So they missed the precious and profound experiences
those pathways held.

In recent years, I still chase the wind,  
but slower and in a different way.
I now chase the wind that comes from
oxygen tanks, a concentrator, and a nasal cannula.
I must constantly monitor myself
to make sure I have enough wind to keep going.

But I also chase a different wind:
A Holy Wind, a strong, divine Wind
Ru’ah, Pneuma,
The Holy Spirit.
This time I know I will catch the wind
because that loving Wind
Is also chasing me!

18Feb 2019 - mshr