Thursday, July 18, 2019


A powerful force has invaded my life.
His name is Agent O2.
Invisible, weightless, no odor or taste.
He’s a nuisance, but what can I do?

He’s even changed the way I look,
As a glance in the mirror shows.
A long green tube is attached to my face;
Wherever I go, he goes.

He’s taken control of my schedule, too.
Chopped it up into four hour bits.
When his assistants give me treatments or meds.
Oh, how bitter!  They give me fits.

He’s also cluttered up my house
With a machine and tanks, big and small,
And a tube that stretches from front to back,
Just waiting to cause a fall!

Yes, Agent O2 - my oxygen booster -
Now controls my every minute.
I don’t like him.  But I give thanks for life
And without him, I wouldn’t be in it!