Sunday, September 29, 2019


Creator of Caterpillars,

Is this how that long, writhing worm feels
        As the silk threads from her body begin to bind her
                To a branch or a leaf into a cocoon?
                - she is now alone as her world begins to shrink
                - she does not know that these bonds come from inside her 
                - or that they will soon isolate her from all of life
                - as the silk bonds grow upward, she can no longer move
                - or see through clouded eyes
                - her breathing is slowly cut off until she dies.

        Like me, she doesn’t understand what has happened,
                Or what lies ahead for her.
        Is she as frustrated and discouraged as I am?

But, Designer of Butterflies,
        you know she is not dead,
                but being changed into something new:
                        A beautiful, brightly colored creature with wings!
The caterpillar’s losses cleared the way
                for the butterfly to emerge.

Controller of Chaos and Lover of the World,
        Can You do that with human worms, too?

29 Sept 2019 - mshr