Saturday, October 19, 2019


Lord, please give me two more ears. The two I have aren’t enough
To hold up my glasses, my oxygen tube, and earrings and other such stuff.

They still hear everything quite well but they get shaken by my cough.
I’d like to give them a little help before they both fall off!

So, Lord, another pair would help my worn out ears to bless.
I really would be grateful if you could just say “Yes.”

You say that You could do that if I just tell You where
I want those new ears planted?  Is this some kind of dare?

Not on top of my head, please cause my hat would never fit.
Not anywhere on my backside. I need that space  to sit!

My feet and knees would not be good. They’re much too far away.
On my hands those ears would suffer each and every day!

If you put them on my shoulders, Lord, they’d look like angel wings
And that would look quite funny for my voice no longer sings!

Forgive me. Lord, I now understand Your body design is best!
    And I’m so thankful that I can hear that with two I’ll be fully blest!