Saturday, March 21, 2020


I’ve  been so blessed in my four score years.
I led a busy and happy life
Until a mean, lung freezing disease
Cut through me like a knife.

My  blessings now come in secret
They are  angels that fill me with awe.
They don’t have six wings as Isaiah said (Isaiah 6:1-2).
Nor the ladder Jacob saw (Genesis 28:10-19),

My  angels  wear T-shirts and blue jeans.
No halos adorn their mussed up hair.
No shimmering  silky white robes do I see,
For they specialize in care!

If there’s anything at all that I need:
A meal, a phone call, greeting or  prayer,
An angel comes quickly to do it for me,
And to overcome any despair.

An angel’s full time job, you see,
Is to care for those in pain.
They fly and sing and praise just for fun,
And bring peace like gentle rain.

21 March 2020 - mshr