Monday, July 13, 2020

Death's Angel

Death’s angel knocks
     on every earthly door     
     Even the homeless are roused
as their time draws near.

The knock begins at birth
Keeping time with the heart.
    The knock is so gentle
    Many claim they never hear it.
         Was it the ears that failed?
         Or a fear of meeting
              the knocker?

Death’s angel does not come
              to frighten us,
              But to befriend us,
          And show us the way.

We’ll all need her guidance
because in the new life
all is changed.
     Those who’d struggled
          in a life of poverty and want
              Will be led to homes
                   of blessing and joy
And all those accustomed
To blessing and joy
Will find themselves
              in Heaven’s slums,
         Surrounded by fear and prejudice.

Glorious life after death
    For those who can adjust
          To this other-worldly plan,
               Promising a future
               of justice and equality.

13July2020  - mshr