Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Caesar Creek State Park

Welcome from Caesar Creek State Park near Waynesville, Ohio.
We arrived yesterday afternoon and settled into this quiet site surrounded by large trees.
Business appointments and the early summer heat spell have kept us from spending much time enjoying the lake
or the swimming beach.
But we have learned a little about the history of this area.  This sizeable lake is formed by a dam on Caesar's Creek.  The stream was originally named for a black slave named Caesar who had been captured by the Shawnee Indians of this area of southwest Ohio in the 1770s.  He adapted to the Shawnee culture and customs and spent the remainder of his life living with them.  He was courageous in the Shawnee raids on neighboring white settlers under the renowned Shawnee War Chief Blue Jacket, a white man who also chose to adopt the Shawnee way of life.  In appreciation for Caesar's dedication to the tribe, he was given this creek, which they named for him, and all the lands it drained were considered to be his hunting grounds.
Tomorrow we'll head northwest for some visits with family.  We hope your summer is enjoyable as ours.  (And for those of you who stayed in south Texas for the summer, perhaps you will be comforted to know that it's nearly as hot here in Ohio as it is in the Rio Grande Valley!)
Bruce and MarySue