Monday, June 6, 2011

Gravel Pedestal

Behind this attractive driveway is our own "private RV site."  We've mentioned before that our son's little farm in southeast Ohio includes a meadow where we can park our rig when we come to visit him.
In the two and a half years he has lived there, he (and his dad!) have made a number of improvements in "our" space.  What started out looking like an overgrown jungle full of poison ivy, Virginia creeper, multiflora rose, burdock, dandelions and other nameless weeds, now looks like a lawn.  It's a delightful place to sit and enjoy watching the birds, and the butterflies.  The horses in the adjoining field give it the look of a real farm and several of the resident pet dogs come often to give us a hospitable welcome.
But this year he outdid himself with improvements to "our space!"
He and his dad laid another truckload of gravel on our site and then he built us a sturdy retaining wall of landscape blocks to hold the gravel in place!  As you can see, it improves both the looks of the site and the ease of leveling the rig on it.  He was so impressed with the improvement he had made that he thought he might rent it out during hunting season!  Our son refers to it as a retaining wall, but I choose to think of it as the pedestal that he has given us!