Saturday, September 10, 2011


(Tune: " Deck the Halls")
'Tis the time for road repairing.
Oh, my goodness, look; an orange sign.
Navigating takes some daring.
Golly, there’s another orange sign.
Orange barrels, orange cones, some
orange vests, caution signs
Slow down, though you may be lonesome.
Gosh! Another mile of orange signs!

"Right lane closed ahead. Merge left now."
Darn those pesky awful orange signs.
"Left lane closed ahead. Merge right now."
Double darn! They’re multiplying fast!
Where to go? I can’t go my way.
Can’t go left; can’t go right
What to do?
I’ll just stop here in the highway
‘Till an orange sign says where to go!

Traffic’s backing up! It’s awful!
Bleep and bleep and bleep those orange signs!
"Officer, yes, I’ve been unlawful.
I have no escape from orange signs.
Off to jail? You’ll tow my car out?
Wonderful! You’ve freed me from
The orange sign curse.
Now I can go traveling far out
From those #$%@&+ (profanity deleted)
orange signs.

8 Sept 2011