Wednesday, September 14, 2011


One Sunday we watched as people went to the church of their choice.
Some pulled into the parking lot of the First Baptist Church.
Others gathered at Main Street Methodist
as some of their neighbors attended mass at St. Stephen's on the Square.
Jewish friends had worshiped yesterday and
the Muslim faithful would offer their prayers daily at home
and on Friday in the mosque.
However, on that first day of the week, we couldn't help but notice
some headed for other destinations.
Some packed their gear for worship at Our Lady of the Golf Course.
Others hitched up trailers for their trip to Born Again Boat Dock.
We knew many who offered praise and prayers at the
Church of the Crowded Campground.
There are, of course, those who fish for fish rather than people at the
Leave-Me-Alone Silent Meeting.
There seemed to be lots of folks who joined
St. Hironymous of the Highway.
We personally know a number of people who belong to the
Sanctified Sunday Sleepers Tabernacle.
How differently we get our souls fed!
As we slowly made our way through the liturgy of the Holy Hiking Trail,
we had no self-righteous fingers to point at anyone else's Sunday morning worship habits.
God lives in many surprising places!