Friday, April 20, 2012


Spring has come to our winter home:
the world is warming,
the buds are bursting with lovely new blooms
and the birds are singing their mating songs.
The "Goodbye Season" has arrived
in our community,
because, each day
– two by two or three by five –
our neighbors are leaving
for destinations further north.
It’s "Goodbye Season!"
But, in a few months,
when the air gets chilly,
the days grow shorter,
and the leaves turn color and fall,
the "Hello Time" will be back.
Not everyone will return, of course
– some goodbyes are permanent –
but there may be new friends
to "Howdy."

Life’s like that, only backwards.
Within our allotted years,
we greet early growth
with a hearty "Hello"
and lament later losses
with a sad and mournful

I wonder,
could there be any new "Howdys"
tucked away
in life’s "Goodbye Season?"