Friday, April 27, 2012


To save and to stow, or to discard and throw.
Such are the decisions we face,
As departure day is not far away
We must find for all things a place.

Stuff we don’t need we’ll get rid of, indeed.
Clothes we’ve outgrown we’ll donate.
But what about tools? We’d be silly fools
To consider them just extra weight!

This rug’s worn so thin, out to the trash bin.
Take these empty boxes, also.
Worn-out garden shoes, and junk we don’t use
Into the dumpster must go.

But lights for the Yule, and powder to duel
With those Texas ants that attack
We’ll leave here behind, in hopes we’ll not find
More attack ants until we get back.

The bikes must go in. It would be a sin
To leave them behind when we go.
One rides in the truck. The other gets stuck
In the basement, behind and below.

The shed’s cleaned out, but there is some doubt
There’s still room for us to fit in!
Perhaps we’ll just stay, that’s the easier way
Than to try all this stuff to get in.

The simple life – so free of strife –
Is our lifelong goal, it is clear.
It may sound quaint, but simple it ain’t
When departure day draws near!