Friday, September 20, 2013

Ark Anxiety

I think I know how the animals felt
As they floated in Noah's ark
Above a trackless, watery world
Without a place to park.
The ark was small; its cargo large.
'Twas cramped, and no doubt smelly.
They had nothing to do but bide their time;
They didn't even have a telly!
Can you imagine the foxes and geese,
The elephants and bees
Floating together for many long days?
There must have been many skinned knees.
Or worse. 
 There must have been some times
When they wanted to kill each other.
It surely took all of Noah's skill
To protect them from one another.
But a little white dove with an olive branch
Saved them all from extinction.
People, animals and birds survived
(even the flamingo, "the pink one").
I sympathize.  We've had daily hard rain
For nearly three weeks straight.
We've not yet started to build an ark
But how much longer can we wait?
There's standing water everywhere,
And mud up to our skinned knees.
Thank God for those drought-busting drops,
But send a dove with an olive branch, PLEASE!