Monday, September 16, 2013

Nashville Nightlife

Stop #30 for our 2013 Summer Tour was a visit with a friend who lives near Nashville, Tennessee.  Nashville's greatest "claim to fame" is, of course, country music.  Our friend had bought tickets for all of us to a club in downtown Nashville called the "3rd and Lindsley."

 Our friend is a fan of the group "The Time Jumpers" which was featured at 3rd and Lindsley weekly on Monday nights.

Vince Gill, one of the band's vocalists and guitarists, has a successful career as a soloist.  Several of the other band members have repeatedly won awards for excellence in the country music field.  "The Time Jumpers" show began at 9 pm, but the opening act began at 7 and was a very pleasant surprise!

A young man by the name of Pete Huttlinger was the leader of a band that did not have a catchy name. But, oh! what a soul-soothing sound.  They played music from their latest CD release entitled "McGuire's Landing."  Pete had not only composed the 15 pieces of music on the disc, but he also wrote a story that tied all of the music into his tale! 
A little later, when a man came around to our table selling the "McGuire's Landing" CD, we bought it, curious to hear the rest of the music.  (Of course, the salesman's pitch to Bruce, "Don't you want to buy a copy for your daughter?" (ME!) helped clinch the deal!)  We've played it over and over again as we've made our way south to our Texas winter-home.  The music just keeps singing in our heads
What a double treat we got when our friend took us out to enjoy the Nashville nightlife!