Monday, May 11, 2015

A Mother's Day to remember

It started on Friday with a knock on our door.  It was the office staff delivering a box addressed to me and boldly labeled "FTD."  I tore it open, and inside was a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers

and a loving note from our younger son.

Then, on Saturday, the man who made me a mother took me to South Padre Island 
to spend the day on the beach.  

He knows that my favorite place in the world is at the seacoast 
so we spent the entire day walking on the beach, wading in the surf, 
watching the sea gulls and admiring the wind surfers.

Lots of families had the same idea, because the beach was very crowded.

It was sunny and hot, but a steady, strong wind kept it comfortable.  
We enjoyed the shade of a beachside cafe as we watched the pounding surf.

After dinner, as the shadows began to lengthen, 
it was time to leave our sandy get-away and head home.

What a delightful -- and memorable -- Mother's Day!