Monday, May 11, 2015

Body Swap

Someone stole my body!  Or swapped it (more true!)
Because now it won't do all it used to do.

At 20 there were no wrinkles in my face.
But now, there they are, all over the place!

At 30 my hair was silky and brown.
Now it's gray and stiff, like a silver crown.

At 40 my legs biked 100 miles in one day.
Now they're weak if I walk too far away.

At 50 my back was strong and supple.
Now it hurts, and sometimes it causes me trouble!

At 60 my eyesight was good and clear.
But today sometimes, I can't see who's here!

At 70 my pace had begun to slow down,
With a painful smile and a crooked frown.

So, who stole -- or swapped -- my body of yore
And replaced it with this one I've not had before?

Father Time is the thief, and he has no excuse!
Such a parent should be jailed for child abuse!