Friday, September 28, 2018

Rare, Medium, or Well-done

Have you gotten a little curious about what I do on the “exotic vacation days” I spend at the Cancer Treatment Center?   Well, I’m curious about what’s going on, too, and I’m right there watching it all!  Whirring, clicking machines spitting out radiation and IV bag after IV bag dripping strong chemicals with unpronounceable names into my veins are much too complicated for me to understand.

The closest thing I can think of to compare it all to is a backyard barbecue of a special, precious piece of meat (the meat, that’s me!) First the grill begins the process of preparing the meat.  While I lie motionless on a very hard table, huge machines whir and beep as they move around me in circles.  This step of “searing” the meat only lasts about ten minutes.  But it is done five days a week.

Then, once a week on Mondays, it’s off to get ready for the “marinade” stage.  First, I have to stop by the lab to be sure my implanted port is not plugged up.  Then the lab tech draws a sample of blood to check and see if it is still running as it should. They check the levels of the various blood components and then decide what “spices” to add to my “marinade”.

If all is healthy, then I’m off to the chemo infusion suite (the “marinade” room). There I lie comfortably in a cushy chair for about three or four hours as the nurses pump the various bags of “marinade” into my veins,  I usually sleep during this stage of the “barbeque,” dreaming of what flavor I will become today!

I can already recognize that there has been improvement in my condition: the cough has decreased, my anxiety level has improved, I’m getting more comfortable and trusting with the doctors and the staff.  I hope that means that I am progressing beyond the “rare” stage of my “barbeque” into the “medium” level. As of today, I have completed three of my six weeks treatment plan -  and I have the two week-end days free from my personal “barbeque!”

I am hoping and praying that the treatments will continue to “marinade” and “barbeque” me right into the “well done” stage.  In the meantime, I hope those nasty cancer cells get burned to a crisp! 

28 September 2018 – mshr