Saturday, February 15, 2020

Life's Legacy

Slipping unseen through our life’s daily adventures we build a legacy. A legacy is how others will remember us now and in the future. Our legacy may include the way we look, or the sound of our laughter, or our hobbies. What we could do well and what we could not do at all may be part of the memories we leave with others. How we made them feel while we were together will be cherished.

But a legacy is not the same as an obituary. An obituary is written at the time of death and recounts the accomplishments and successes of the deceased. It includes only facts as if the departed dear one could now be filed in a record book and forgotten.

Throughout our lives we create both legacies and obituaries from the same building materials and the choices we make. God has given us many gifts and it is the choices we make in using them that will fill memories and record books.

Obituaries are filed and usually forgotten. Legacies inspire others. Our legacy lists may preserve memories of each other and continue to comfort us before and after our obituaries are prepared. Fond memories will continue in our minds long after our obituaries are forgotten.

May our memories of each other continue to comfort us long after the forgotten pages of our obituary draw dust inside the record book!

15 Feb 2020 - mshr