Saturday, February 22, 2020

Preparing a Place

Jesus said, "...I go to prepare a place for you...." (John 14:2). So then why does it take Jesus so long to prepare a place for us while we have to plod through our daily tasks and wait? Haven’t we been helping him to prepare that place everyday of our Lord-led lives? 

Perhaps, but most of us have overstuffed ourselves  like German sausages. Like overinflated balloons we are stuffed full of ourselves. We are so attentive to our own activities and projects that we have little time or space for the Lord. Imagine what a task it is for Him to either carve out the place to fit our size or trim us down eliminating our wants and needs so that we will fit the place He is preparing. No wonder it takes a while.  Some of us will have 70 -- or even 80 -- years to help Him complete that task! But it is never too late to replace our overgrown selfishness with His love which is designed to just fit the place He is preparing.

22 Feb 2020 - mshr