Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Choke Canyon State Park

After having stayed in one place far too long, we finally hit the road again this morning, leaving the Rio Grande River Valley of South Texas and heading northward.  Our first overnight is at Choke Canyon State Park near Three Rivers, Texas.
We drove right on past several commercial campgrounds and added a few extra miles to go out of our way in order to stay overnight at the state park.  The view from the back window of our RV shows why the extra miles were worth it.
After dinner we walked for about an hour amid the sounds of many birds.   We observed how different the trees and folliage is here compared with the Rio Grande Valley.   A Turkey Vulture saw my camera and decided to show off a little.
Not to be outdone, a deer also did some posing for the camera ... all the while enjoying some delicious green leaves for dinner.
We discovered a picnic shelter which had been taken over by Cliff Swallows.   Using mud they built their nests on the ceiling of the picnic shelter.  Unfortunately, these cute little birds leave a terrible mess on the picnic tables below them.
As we walked back to our RV site, we found this rabbit just begging to have his photo taken.