Thursday, May 31, 2012

Harrington Beach State Park

It was an unexpected destination for us.  We were a bit ahead of schedule and therefore needed a campsite a short distance north of Milwaukee, so we started looking and found Harrington Beach State Park.  We have discovered it to be a real jewel.
Harrington Beach State Park has more than a mile of beach along Lake Michigan.  However, today there was not one person on the beach.  (The high temperature today was 50 degrees.)
As we walked through the woodlands between Lake Michigan and our campsite we passed large areas filled with the blooms of Dame's Rockets.
Other area of the woodlands are thick with fern.
 The deer stared at us and we stared right back (and took some photos)
From 1901 until 1925 the Lake Shore Stone Company operated a very productive stone quarry here.  Now there is a scenic limestone lake which has a variety of fish including bass, bluegill, and rainbow trout.
We have a delightful campsite shielded by tall grasses and brush for privacy and yet with a magnificent view out of the rear window.