Monday, September 24, 2012

Celery Puzzle

May I say a word about celery,
A veggie loved by short and tall?
Well, I’m an exception to that rule,
Because I don’t like celery at all!
It’s green, that’s a sign that it’s healthy.
It’s tough, so there’s fiber in there.
But it’s also bitter and stringy
And, for those two traits, I don’t care.
On a veggie tray I love the carrots;
More broccoli and cauliflower, please.
But the celery sticks and I don’t mix
Unless they’re smothered in cheese.
Each day I try to choke down a bit
Of celery. But to myself I mutter:
"This stuff’s not edible unless
It’s covered with peanut butter!"
As I crunch the sticks, I will admit,
There’s one thing that puzzles me:
If God created all things good,
What went wrong with celery?