Thursday, September 27, 2012

The New Blinds Have Been Installed

On Monday we wrote in our blog about ordering new blinds for our eleven-year old New Horizons fifth-wheel trailer.   The pleated shades originally installed were wonderful when they were new.  Actually they represent an amazing inventiveness in the way they combine a day shade and a night shade all in one.   However, after eleven years of nearly daily use they looked worn, dirty, and soiled.

The old day shades screened out excess light.

The old pleated night shades were aged, worn, and dingy.
We had repaired many of them with replacement strings.
The new solar-shield day shades keep out the sun, but seem
to disappear so that you can actually see out right through the blind.
The new night shade is easy-to-clean vinyl that
blocks 100% of the light.
We are very well pleased with these new shades and we are well pleased with the process of ordering them and having them professionally installed by the staff of MCD Innovations here in McKinney, Texas.
MCD Innovations is located in McKinney, Texas
We are also grateful to our friends Ken and Lee who demonstrated the MCD blinds in their New Horizons fifth-wheel coach and encouraged us to purchase the blinds for our own unit.
Tomorrow we continue our journey toward our winter home in the Rio Grande River Valley.