Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sleeping Across Indiana

Many times, at week-end dances, I have "Waltz[ed] Across Texas."  Yesterday, however, was the first time I'd ever slept across Indiana!

It had been a busy week-end at the end of a wonderfully busy summer.  There were mixed emotions of reminiscing and laughter as family gathered around pizza and Pepsi after one more service honoring our absent sister, mother and grandmother.  The memories were as sweet as the soft drinks but, like the sodas, they had aftertastes of loneliness.

By the time we got home Sunday night I was exhausted!  I ached in places I'd forgotten I had.  Muscles I'd taken for granted for years were shouting at me to give them a rest.  So, I went to bed.

Monday morning came unusually early and achy.  We got on the road headed southwest, heeding the call of approaching winter.  We were only about twenty miles down the road when my eyes began to drift shut.

I roused at every rest stop when Bruce stopped for a "road side rest."  Otherwise I nodded off through southwest Ohio, dozed past the state line, and slept my way across Indiana!  Today's better.  Maybe I'll only sleep through half of Illinois!