Friday, May 2, 2014

Day One at Big Bend National Park

After months of planning and anticipation we finally arrived at Big Bend National Park today!

We had heard so much about Big Bend National Park and had seen pictures and read descriptions and other people's blogs, but nothing had prepared us for the sheer grandeur that we saw as we traveled the 29 miles from the entrance at Parsimmon Gap to the Panther Junction Visitor Center.

Purple cactus at Panther Junction Visitor Center.

More flowers at Panther Junction Visitor Center

Cactus at Panther Junction Visitor Center.
Tunnel between Panther Junction and Rio Grande Village.

View from our campsite at Rio Grande Village.

Mexican village called Boquillas del Carmen.

Rock face illuminated by the setting sun.

Booquillas Canyon cut by the Rio Grande River over many centuries.
Tomorrow is another day with much more to explore.