Wednesday, May 28, 2014

International Waterlily Collection

While we were visiting in San Angelo, Texas, we enjoyed a visit to the International Waterlily Collection which is displayed at the Civic League Park in San Angelo.

We learned that all the water lilies are kept indoors during the winter months and that they were just then being brought out of doors and placed in the summer display area for the public to enjoy.

It was a special treat to be able to talk for just a few minutes with Kenneth Landon, the creator of this wonderful collection which has been his life work. He has been described as having "the mind of a scientist, the heart of a poet and the soul that embodies preserving waterlily heritage for the generations to come."

The display of the water lily collection in the Civic League Park is generously underwritten by the City Council of San Angelo and many additional supporters and volunteers.

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the water lilies that were on display that day and can hardly imagine seeing the collection later in the summer when they are at their peak.