Sunday, May 11, 2014

Day Ten at Big Bend: Mothers Day

To celebrate Mothers Day I took the beautiful mother of my children to one of our favorite spots in Big Bend National Park.   Called the Chisos Basin, it is an area surrounded by mountains on all sides except for an opening toward the west called "The Window."


The Chisos Basin is at an elevation of 5400 feet above sea level, but we had crossed a pass at an elevation of 5679 feet in order to get there.

We enjoyed a leisurely meal in the restaurant in the Lodge where we had seats beside the restaurant window so that we could enjoy the view you see in the photo below with mountains surrounding us while we were looking through "The Window" at the valley in the distance.

Looking through "The Window"

Following our meal, we took a leisurely walk on a nature trail where we could observe blooming desert flowers and continue to observe some of the fascinating rock formations on all sides.

We have enjoyed our ten days in the Big Bend area.  What a better way to close these wonderful days than to return to this favorite spot to wish MarySue a happy Mothers Day!