Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Day in Natchez, Mississippi

After driving from Alexandria, Louisiana, this morning, we enjoyed a leisurely afternoon and evening in Natchez. Mississippi.  Our first stop was at the Natchez Visitors Center where we spent a very informative hour or two learning about the city.  Then we set out on foot to explore historic Natchez.
We walked around Rosalie -- one of the beautiful Ante-Bellum homes to be seen in Natchez.  It was built at the location of Fort Rosalie, the earliest fort built in the area by the French in 1716.  We did not tour inside the house but the gardens and huge old trees were exquisite.
We also saw some more recent homes such as "Edelweis" -- built in the style of a Swiss chalet.
We strolled along the lovely walkway at the edge of the bluff.  From there we could take photos of the flooded Mississippi River. (See the next two posts below).
We finally stopped for dinner at a charming little restaurant known as Biscuits and Blues.  It felt good to rest our tired feet, but the food was delicious too!
Our day ended watching the sunset over the Mighty Mississippi, and wondering what the next week will bring to the cities of Natchez, Mississippi and Vidalia, Louisiana.